John Deere Monster Treads Tractor by Tomy

I think it fairly clear that Monkey is obsessed by tractors!  But a John Deere tractor takes him to a whole new level of excitement!!!

It all stems from a trip to see my parents in Spain last year.  They live in an olive growing region of Spain, and John Deere seem to have a monopoly on the tractors being used on the land.  We visited a nearby town where there is a John Deere showroom, Monkey was in heaven.  There was a real tractor on show as well as all the scaled models, children’s toys and clothing.  The only way we could extract him from the showroom was to take a catalogue with us.  It has been part of his bedtime reading ever since.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to be sent a John Deere Monster Treads Tractor by the lovely people at Tomy. Monster Treads Tractor - Lights and Sound Monster Treads Tractor – Lights and Sound

It’s a lovely, chunky Tractor, so great for our 3 and half-year old Monkey to play with.  It’s supplied with 3 x LR44 batteries to power the 3 x Lights and Sound button on the top of the cab – instant action always a plus in my mind.  The headlights flash, there is tractor engine and horn noises and more besides.  It was an instant hit, especially as it has proper suspension so Monkey could take it over piles of ‘rubble’ or cushion mountains and his new tractor could handle it all.  The Tractor is smaller than I imagined it would be, but this didn’t bother Monkey, and actually from a storage point of view this is a positive thing.

Playtime – Monkey and his new tractor …….

The John Deere Monster Treads, Lights and Sound Tractor is available for around £10.00 (2013 price) from a number of retailers.  I think this is good value for money and we’d give this product a big thumbs up.  There are other vehicles within this range so you can build up your collection too.

disclaimer:  we were sent this product for the purpose of review, our comments however remain our own honest thoughts

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