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Just another manic Monday …….

It would be fair to say that we cram a lot into a day, I keep meaning to slow down a bit but never seem to quite manage it. Life in the old dog yet you know! Today has been … Continue reading

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It’s nearly Sunday – where has that week gone?

This week has flown by, we have been so busy. Monkey started pre-school in September  and at the AGM in October I joined the committee.  It’s a totally new area for me and I’m learning that people in education speak … Continue reading

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Scared of spiders? Not us, we’ve got an Entomologist in the family :)

When you’re a child you don’t really appreciate how your parents’ interests can impact on your life. I haven’t got my Mum’s green fingers and I’ve no interest in being a football referee like Dad but I have taken a … Continue reading

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Lice – at Pre-school

Ok, so I’m normally fine with creepy crawlies, my Dad is a very keen Entomologist, so I grew up surrounded by stick insects, beetles, caterpillars and all sorts of other insects and the like. But head lice have always filled … Continue reading

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Look who’s talking

Sometimes I just have to sit back and listen to Monkey chatting away to his toys and marvel at it. When he had his 2 year check the Health Visitor commented on his lack of speech.  I wasn’t really that … Continue reading

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An early Mother’s Day present from Monkey :)

Monkey came home from pre-school with a couple of presents for me for Mother’s Day.  The children had walked to our local supermarket to buy the daffodils, then baked the cakes and they each iced one for their Mum 🙂 … Continue reading

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