An up and down kind of day

Have you ever had one of those days – ‘an up and down kind of day’?  Today has most definately been one of those days!

It all started so well, we’d read a snow story last night at bedtime and Monkey was still talking about it this morning. He found a couple of his polar bears and decided he wanted icebergs.  Ok I said, we can make some.  No Mummy we have the Penguin ones!

Of course, we have a Penguin Rescuer game which comes complete with wooden penguins and Icebergs!  I got the game out and Monkey was away in his little imaginary world while I made breakfast.

Breakfast went without a hitch, we got dressed and then Monkey decided he wanted to play with his wooden train set.

We’re all rather train mad in this house, so nothing I like more than making up a train track with my Monkey.  We make a different one every time.  When Monkey was little Daddy P and I had toyed with the idea of buying a train table, but we discounted it as we really didn’t have anywhere to keep it!  Now, I am so glad we made that decision as we have so much more flexibility to build our track wherever we like.  Sometimes we loop the loop around the sofa or run a track under the dining table.  Today we decided to take over the Living Room in style 🙂

We’re taking a picnic with us tomorrow when we go to the Tractor Ted Farm show, so Monkey decided that his Eco-House family needed to go on their picnic too!

By that time it was time for our lunch, everything was still fine.  We’d been set a challenge to build a robot out of Plus Plus so we talked about what we would make – you can see the result here.

Then all of a sudden Monkey decided he wanted to play with his plastic Trackmaster train set – fine, I said, just pack your wooden set up and I’ll get your plastic one out for you. No Mummy, you’re my slave, you do it! he shouted back.  Uuumm, I don’t think so.  One rather large meltdown ensued, followed by stomping up to his bedroom in a strop.  He then decided that a really good way to get Mummy’s attention (after all he didn’t have it already, did he?) would be to stand in the middle of his bedroom and wet himself, shouting about it at the same time – wonderful!!!

Somehow Daddy P slept through all the commotion!  That man could sleep through a nuclear explosion I’m sure.

So after I’d cleaned Monkey up and his bedroom – great job! We went back downstairs.  The wooden railway was still out, Monkey still wanted it put away, Mummy was not putting it away.

We had an unexpected delivery and I told Monkey I wouldn’t open the box to see what was inside until the wooden railway was all put away – ok Mummy, and off he went ……. sometimes there are no words.  A rather up and down kind of day!


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I'm over 40 with an 8 year old son.J oin us as we enjoy life and have lots of fun!
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  1. thesoupdragonsays says:

    but we love em!! for it…

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