McCain Home Chips challenge!

I have to be totally honest and say that I have never cooked frozen chips at home before.  I do cook homemade potato wedges but Monkey is very funny with potato and refuses to eat them – think it’s the skin!

So I was amazed the first time I took him for a pub meal, when I had chips on my plate and he promptly helped himself to half of my portion!  Since then, whenever we go out to the pub for lunch, his treat is fish (proper fish – he won’t eat fish fingers!) and chips.

So when I was asked to review McCain Home Chips, I thought, why not – I know someone who will be rather excited by this challenge!

I can actually remember when oven chips were first launched, yes I am that old!!  My Mum thought they were a great idea, as she really didn’t like deep-frying, and I can remember being really scared that the chip pan might explode into flames at any moment.  I was interested to see what these McCain Home Chips would taste like, and whether they would pass the ultimate taste test with Monkey and Daddy P!

So I set our fan assisted oven to 220 degrees C, waited for it to warm up and then placed the frozen chips on a baking tray …..

…….. cooked for 22 minutes, turning occasionally until they were golden.

(You can also grill the frozen chips, preheat grill on medium high heat for 5 minutes and then grill the frozen chips for 15 mins, again turning occasionally until they were golden)

As this was our first Home Chips experience, there really was only one meal to produce for Monkey – not very original, but I knew he would be over the moon 🙂

I’d kept the meal a surprise, placed it on the table and called Monkey in for dinner.

Mummy!!!! Fish and Chips, my favourite! 🙂 That was a good start.

He happily ate his dinner ……

So what did we all think?  Monkey loved the Home Chips, I’d wondered whether he would be fussed that they weren’t the same as the ones from the pub – you know what kids can be like! But he ate the lot and managed to ‘borrow’ a few from my plate too. Daddy and I both liked the Home Chips, they were tastier than I’d expected and not dry (if that makes sense), they tasted just like a chip should do, but without the greasy fried feel.

Monkey has already put his order in for his next ‘and chips’ meal.

disclaimer:  we were sent one bag of chips for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own, honest opinion

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