Tractor Ted – DVD review – Meets the Horses

As you’ll remember from my previous post we were recently sent some lovely goodies by the people at Tractor Ted.

Tractor Ted is a little green tractor who lives in Tractorland. Today we decided to watch a DVD, Tractor Ted Meets the Horses. Tractor Ted meets the Horses DVD Tractor Ted meets the Horses DVD

In this DVD we get to meet some race horses.  I was sure we’d both learn something from this DVD as I know nothing about horses myself!  We learnt about the food the horses eat,  about the saddles and other tack items that the horses wear and about the silks that the jockeys wear when the horses go racing.

We saw a horse going for a swim! Monkey thought this was really funny.  I have to say that the horse can swim better than I can.

As with all the Tractor Ted DVD’s there is a good mix between the animals shown and the machinery.  We got to see Monkey’s hero – Les the Tractor driver, cleaning his tractor and losing his tractor keys – glad to see I’m not alone in this area 🙂 (see a post about me and keys for a giggle)

As with the other Tractor Ted DVD’s, the factual content of this 40 minute DVD is brilliant, it’s aimed at the over 3 year olds, so perfect for Monkey.  There are catchy little songs to sing which Monkey now loves singing to me at every opportunity.

We thoroughly enjoyed this DVD, as well as the others we’ve recently reviewed.

The DVD retails at £9.99 each (2013 price) and as I’ve said in previous reviews I think this represents great value for money as it is really educational and presented in a way that holds a childs attention.  The Tractor Ted range can be purchased direct through the website or through retailers across the country.

disclaimer:  We were sent this DVD for the purpose of review, our comments throughout, remain our own, honest thoughts.

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