RSPB – Giving Nature a Home

RSPB - Giving Nature a Home

RSPB – Giving Nature a Home

I am so thrilled that Monkey and I are going to be working with the RSPB on an ongoing basis, talking about their campaigns and sharing some of their ideas on things we can all do to bring nature into our gardens and balconies.

By now any reader of my blog will know I have an interest in nature, thanks in a large part to my Dad who has recently been given the title of Guru Gramps during our Caterpillar diary posts here.

When we were young we had a large aviary in our garden housing 2 beautiful Macaws, we also had Mynah Birds, an African Grey Parrot and a Cockatoo (he loved my little shiny red shoes and used to chase me around the garden – I wasn’t so keen on him!).  Anyway, my appreciation of birds began at an early age. Now I’m doing my best to share my love of nature with my Monkey son.  I’m no expert, I don’t pretend to be, so this is a learning process for me too.

Last month the RSPB launched the Giving Nature a Home campaign to raise awareness of the housing crisis faced by the UK’s threatened wildlife.

Giving Nature a Home will urge the nation to provide a place for wildlife in their own gardens and outside spaces.

The RSPB are hoping that this campaign will encourage us to create a million new home for nature – you can find out more about how you can help here with the Giving Nature a Home Starter Guide– it’s free!

Nature in the UK is in trouble and some of our familiar garden species are amongst those suffering serious declines.  Gardens provide a valuable lifeline for species like Starlings, Toads, Hedgehogs and Butterflies, which are struggling to find homes in the wider countryside.

I know myself, that I don’t see half the number of butterflies in my garden, that I saw growing up, the varieties of birds are definately dropping when I do the annual birdwatch.

So, you might ask – what are Monkey and I doing to give nature a home?  Well, firstly, we installed an Insect Hotel a while back (still waiting for our first guests) and we’re going to be making a Beetle Bucket over the school holidays, hopefully a mini-pond (got to work on Daddy P on that one) and will also be making some bird cake and a recycled bird feeder to entice our feathered friends to have a snack in our garden.

So, join in with the Giving Nature a Home campaign, and join us on our journey too over the coming weeks and months.

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