It’s here! Our new Sainsburys store is open :)

As you’ll know from my previous post I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of our new Sainsburys store.  I’ve really missed not having their store in the town I live in, I love the choice they offer, quality and also the fab TU clothing range, especially for an ever-growing Monkey.

So as soon as I’d dropped Monkey off at pre-school yesterday morning I zoomed into town to have a quick look around our new store on its first morning.  Sadly, by the time I got into town at 8.50am I’d missed the grand opening, but the buzz outside the store was lovely to see on a bright sunny morning.  Yes, I was not alone in being rather excited.

I was eager to get inside for a look around, I will do a more thorough shop later in the month, but I was really eager to look at the clothing in particular. I grabbed my trolley (you will need a £1.00 coin for them) and headed up the travelator to the mezzanine floor which houses the clothing and homeware goods.

Choice!  Lots of choice, bright, light and airy with lots of room to move.  You don’t feel crammed in, great on a busy opening day morning.  As you all know Monkey loves his tractors and vehicles so I was thrilled to find him a new winter coat, mac and wellies – which he loves.  Yes, I do like to be prepared!

I’ve always bought Monkey’s winter coats from the TU range, and have been really impressed by how well they’ve withstood his misuse, so he is now ready for this winter.  The mac will be great too, as it packs away into itself and as his feet never stop growing, he now has new wellies too!

I needed to finish off his uniform for School Nursery which he starts in September, so found him the necessary polo shirts. All ready for school nursery All ready for school nursery

Then I was back down the travelator to have a brief look around the main store – each trolley had a great ‘where to find’ guide …..

I loved the wide aisles, no trolley clashing here. The store is very light, just as you’d expect.  Monkey loves the Goodies Oaty bars, I found them easily – how refreshing to have a choice of flavours.  I got some fresh chicken for dinner and some sandwiches for us to eat on our trip to London that afternoon.

I will be back very soon for a full shop.  I know I’m not alone in loving our new Sainsburys Store – my personal Facebook feed was buzzing with it all day yesterday 🙂

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2 Responses to It’s here! Our new Sainsburys store is open :)

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I really like the ‘where to find’ guides on the trolleys….Such a fab idea!!

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