My beautiful glass butterfly

My neighbours have been away in their caravan for the last week.  Our houses aren’t designed for you to get to know your neighbours at all, our front doors are actually on the side of houses, opposite sides!  So it’s only been since they cut down a really big shrub that we’ve started chatting through the fence.

Monkey has been keeping them amused with his constant chatter.  They are about 10 years older than me, with grown up children who have already flown the nest.  They’ve lived next door to my husband for over 20 years, but even Daddy P doesn’t know them very well.

Anyway, after one of our chats Mrs S asked if I’d mind emptying their post box while they were away and water their plants if we had sunny weather.  It was no problem for me as I’m home most days, so I obviously said yes.

The week has passed, and Mrs S popped over to collect her post and just gave me a little thank you present – not expected, but a lovely surprise.

You need to bear in mind that Mrs S knew nothing about our interest in butterflies or that I adore dark blue glass. I have a few pieces on display in the kitchen which she has never seen.

Do you think she did well?

When the light catches the butterfly through our kitchen window it looks truly beautiful.  It does have a string so you can have it ‘flying’ in the air, but I quite like it like this.

What a clever neighbour I have 🙂

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I'm an over 50 mum to one, sharing my adventures with my 11 year old son
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6 Responses to My beautiful glass butterfly

  1. anna says:

    aww so nice to have good neighbours! some of mine are nice and some really horrible! nice butterfly! 😀

  2. Galina V says:

    It’s great to have good relations with neighbours. Ours are not too bad, but let’s say we are not friends either. When we go away we leave the keys with the friends rather than neighbours. Very pretty butterfly!

  3. claire says:

    Aww, love this butterfly 🙂

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