#TTPlusPlus weekly challenge – robots

So this morning we were set a weekly challenge by The Toadstool – to build a robot using our Plus Plus.

I asked Monkey what he thought we should do – his reply – build a Robot Family Mummy!  When Monkey says that, what he really means is ‘you make it Mummy and I’ll tell you if it’s up to my exacting standards!’

So this is what finally met with his approval …..

Daddy Robot

Daddy Robot

Mummy Robot

Mummy Robot

Baby Robot

Baby Robot

So we now have our little Robot family

Robot Family #TTPlusPlus

Robot Family #TTPlusPlus

Monkey is now busy playing with his new family.

Monkey and his robot family

Monkey and his robot family

I just need to figure out how to programme the robots so they do the ironing, cooking and cleaning now!  What do you think to our new friends?



About over40andamumtoone

I'm an over 50 mum to one, sharing my adventures with my 11 year old son
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9 Responses to #TTPlusPlus weekly challenge – robots

  1. I think they’re excellent – I’m loving the antennae 😀

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  3. Oh if only! I like those – never seen them before

  4. thisdayilove says:

    Can you program my robot at the same time? Baby robot is my favourite

  5. I want to adopt your robot family! They are so sweet 🙂 x

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