Do you have a childhood collection?

Do you have a collection of something that you started as a child?  This is a little post about mine.

In August 1980 my best friend went to Ireland for her summer holiday with her family, and she sent me a postcard.  Little did she know that that postcard would start a collection that has been growing for the last 33 years!

I was 12 years old when this postcard arrived on my doorstep.  I have been fascinated by maps, atlas’ and flags for as long as I can remember.  It was sheer coincidence that my friend sent this particular card, but for me it was to be the starting point of a collection that I treasure.

I’d been collecting postcards before this card arrived, all sorts and everything you can imagine.  My Auntie had suggested that I should pick a topic and stick with it.  So a postcard with a MAP on it – bingo!

Since that day I have been on the lookout for new additions for my collection, both in the UK and overseas.  I have sent lots of family and friends on postcard hunting missions on their holidays and have cards from Ukraine to Cuba and Denmark to Australia.  These are just a small selection……

To date I have 118 postcards from around the UK and Ireland and a further 131 covering the rest of the world.  I thought this collection would be timeless, sadly the postcard of New York shown in the selection above clearly shows otherwise – brought back by a friend when the World Trade Centre Towers were still a focal point on the NY skyline.

I have no idea if Monkey will show any interest in this collection when he is older, I’d love for him to be interested in maps, flags and atlas’ but I’m sure they’ll all look prehistoric to him!!  I wonder what he will collect?  What will he be interested in?  Will it still be diggers and tractors – who knows?

To me, this collection represents a lot of holiday’s, work trips, days out and help from friends and family, but most important of all is that very first postcard, from a friend I’ve had since I was 8 years old, and who I still cherish today.  I think of her every time a new card joins my collection.

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7 Responses to Do you have a childhood collection?

  1. It is great to see you collected something that has expanded and become a true collection. The only thing I like to hold on to is movie tickets. I love seeing a great film and it still amazes all the ones I have been to. Great post and keep on collecting 🙂

    • That’s a great idea, not done that. I have all my gig tickets and West End tickets going way back – same thing I guess, nice to look back and remember great performances. Thanks for popping over

  2. My house is small, so it’s hard for me to collect anything but clutter. I guess that’s what I collect. ha! I’m kind of craft-y, so sometimes I don’t want to let things go. I will think, “Oh, that would be a good pencil holder.” Or, “I could use that old box and make it over using decoupage.” The list goes on!!

  3. thesoupdragonsays says:

    I collected all sorts of things as a kid but the one I still have is Wade Whimseys!

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