Hoops and Crosses – a new take on a kids snack

Thanks  to Walkers we have been lucky enough to be one of the first families to try the new Baked Hoops and Crosses which Walkers advertise as:

a great-tasting, low-fat and fun way for kids to boost their wholegrain intake….. perfect for any cheeky Monkey’s lunchbox

We got home on Saturday afternoon to find a lovely package containing the second cheekiest Monkey I have ever seen (we already have THE cheekiest Monkey here as you all know!), this one is called Monty, an information booklet and a packet of 18g Roast Beef flavour Hoops and Crosses.  Walkers also offer packets in Salt & Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail flavours; all three flavours are suitable for vegetarians.

I do like the idea of a wholegrain snack so I was interested to see what my Monkey would think of them.  I’m not a great one for letting him have crisps but as I said, these are wholegrain, they also contain NO artificial colouring or preservatives and only 85 calories per bag, so thought these might be an interesting addition to his pre-school lunchbox.

Monty the Monkey was grabbed by my Monkey straight away and even had the honour of sharing the bed with Teddy that night 🙂

www,over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com My Monkey and Monty Monkey

www,over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com My Monkey and Monty Monkey

We were going out for the day on Sunday with a picnic, so it was an ideal time for us all to try them.  I’m not a huge Roast Beef Crisp fan so wanted to sneak a couple for myself to try too!

So what did we think? Let’s just say that the Hoops and Crosses were opened before we even left the house on Sunday!  I did manage to save a few for our picnic, but Monkey was eager to try some for his morning snack.  He loved the O and X shapes, although he’s a little young at 3 year,s to understand the game.  He’s never had beef flavoured snacks before, but they were an instant hit.  He loved them as you can clearly see ….

www.over40andamumtoone@wordpress.com Hoops and Crosses are rather good! :)

http://www.over40andamumtoone@wordpress.com Hoops and Crosses are rather good! 🙂

Daddy P and I also tried some during our picnic, later that day.  They reminded me of Monster Munch a bit, I actually quite liked them.  They got the thumbs up from Daddy P too.  I’d definately be happy for Monkey to have some Hoops and Crosses in his Friday pre-school lunchbox from now on.

The packaging is clearly labelled so you can see easily what the pack contains, nothing I hate more than trying to find where all the nutritional information is hidden! I hope they extend the range to include Cheese or Cheese and Tomato as either of these options would go down very well with our cheeky Monkey.

Disclaimer: we were sent the Roast Beef Hoops and Crosses and Monty the Monkey for the purpose of review. I am being paid for this review but all comments expressed remain my own, honest opinions

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