I love my Tuesdays

I love Tuesdays at the moment.  It’s a no pre-school day, so it’s the one day a week when we can have a leisurely breakfast and just enjoy some Monkey and me time.  It’s so much nicer when I’m not constantly fighting the clock to get out the door.

This morning we went into town to buy a few birthday cards and buy a new spike for the washing line – somehow over the winter the hole in the lawn has totally disappeared!  After we’d done our shopping we had a treat in Costa Coffee – cappuccino for Mummy, Innocent smoothie for Monkey and we shared a Blueberry muffin.  Monkey feel very grown up when we have morning snack time in a Cafe 🙂

We couldn’t come home without visiting the building site that is, and has been, our town centre, for the last year.  We will eventually have a new supermarket, shops and a CINEMA – I cannot wait.  But in the meantime we have free entertainment every time we visit town.  Monkey will be so upset when all the work is finished.

Home for playtime …… in the sun.  Time to get the sand table out for the first time this year.  Monkey has been  in his element – making sand cakes, sand castles and obviously playing building sites.

Mummy’s just enjoyed watching him 🙂


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I'm over 40 with an 8 year old son.J oin us as we enjoy life and have lots of fun!
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13 Responses to I love my Tuesdays

  1. The smallest things are the biggest pleasures…. I love watching them play and be 🙂

  2. mummyoftwo2 says:

    When you don’t get to spend all week with them it really is special time isn’t it. I used to love my Mondays off work with Little Mr A, we had such fun and I really miss our special time now he is at school.

  3. Emily says:

    Ahh that’s lovely that you have quality time together just doing simple ‘pottering about’ type things. Hopefully he’ll remember special Costa Coffees when he’s older (I’m sure Ruby will spend many hours with me in various coffee shops – it won’t feel much of a treat!)

  4. Jess says:

    I was so intrigued to find out why someone loved Tuesdays so much…now I know why 🙂 lovely post x

  5. Lovely post,I love the days when you aren’t rushing out the door first thing in the morning too. #PoCoLo

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    how lovely that you get that time together, my little man has that sand and water table although we havent used sand in it yet x

  7. Like you, I had a special day with Grace – Monday’s. Everyone had gone back to work after the weekend and it felt like the world was ours for that moment in time. It’s amazing how a work site can be entertainment for a child. Lovely sandpit photos :). Thanks for linking up to PoCoLo xx

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