Look what the Easter Bunny bought Monkey ……

I’m not the world’s greatest Chocolate fan so when I recently won fan of the week with The Toadstool I had a great idea for something totally different for the Easter Bunny to leave for Monkey……

I’d seen the Wonderworld Eco-House on a #Playfest with Izziwizzi Kids before Christmas.  Loved it instantly, what a great idea for a boy – wooden, great colours, not girly AND with a great Eco theme too.

www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com from box - instructions - pieces - to fully constructed house in less than 15 minutes :)

http://www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com Eco-house – from box – instructions – pieces – to fully constructed house in less than 15 minutes 🙂

I decided when it arrived that I would save it for Easter, so on the evening of Easter Saturday (after a long day at Legoland) I brought the box downstairs to assemble it.  Luckily, the instructions were really easy to read, the parts were clearly labelled and I had it built within 15 minutes using a Philips screwdriver.  Phew! No dramas there then 🙂

I then hid it under a large towel behind the sofa for Monkey to ‘find’ on Easter Sunday morning.

He loved it instantly – for a start, it comes with 2 dustbins!  He was in heaven and ran off to find his dustbin lorry to start his rounds.  Then he discovered the wind turbine – he has seen large wind farms near to where his grandparents live in Spain, and they fascinate him.  He now has his own.  Then he started playing with the family, like us, the house has a family of three and he identified with them immediately.  He was busy giving Mummy a shower, making Daddy lunch on the cooker and taking the little boy on a trip with the moped in no time.  The water butt also reminds him of his Granny; a great gardener and with the weather in Southern Spain, also a great water conserver – so he already knew what it was for and moves it from one side of the house to the other to get all the water when it rains 🙂

The Eco-house is made from rubberwood and has a really nice feel to it – I love wooden toys and games so much.  They last! and with a 3 year old boy that is so important.  The dolls are similar to some firemen than Monkey already has, they have moveable limbs so they are more fun to play with.  As I’m looking at his house this evening, a couple of the firemen have moved in and are sleeping in the beds.   Yesterday Monkey’s fire engine came to put out a fire in the kitchen, and every Wednesday he re-enacts our dustbin collections.  It’s a great toy for imaginary play, and not something he will tire on in five minutes.

This is our vlog on the Eco-house …..

As mentioned above I purchased the Eco-house through The Toadstool, it currently retails at around £100.  I think this does represent good value for money, it’s well built and comes complete with a family and lots of accessories.  I would definately recommend it 🙂

Disclaimer: The toy mentioned was bought by myself and the opinions expressed are my own, honest thoughts.

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8 Responses to Look what the Easter Bunny bought Monkey ……

  1. Top review, he clearly loves it! We’ve got that dustcart!! Ours is branded Bruder though, not Tonka…. 😀

    • He certainly does. Don’t all boys have those dustcarts! Do you remember when Tonka was metal and totally indestructable? My brother had a great Tonka truck. We have a Bruder Tipper truck, sadly, minus one wing mirror assembly, it hasn’t survived Monkey’s crash tests 🙂

      • I do remember them! I remember the metal Tonka toys with fondness. My brother had a couple and you could use them as roller skates without damaging them! Of course that was when I was 12 and thought I was bomb-proof – I’d hate to catch one of mine doing it now! 🙂

  2. Kel says:

    Great review and a great looking toy!

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