Simple things – feeding the ducks

What a lovely day it’s been today – sunshine 🙂

Firstly we got together with some of our NCT group for a play session, and also to wish a little chap happy 1st birthday for tomorrow.  He’s the eldest of our second generation kiddies – where HAS that year gone!!!

Then home for some lunch, and then a trip to our nearest duck pond with some bread.  I love feeding the ducks with Monkey (whilst being scared stiff that he’ll fall in at any moment!), he gets so excited when the ducks start swimming over to him.  It’s a very simple activity and something that spans the generations.  I remember feeding the ducks with my Mum, and I still enjoy it now. We’re very lucky to have a few great duck ponds within fairly easy reach and I normally have some ‘old’ bread waiting in the freezer for days like today. I break it all up in advance so Monkey can just get on with it when we get to the pond.

The weather was lovely, so in-between duck feeding sessions we walked around the pond, stopped for a snack break in the sunshine before heading home.  A lovely afternoon with my boy 🙂


About over40andamumtoone

I'm over 40 with an 8 year old son.J oin us as we enjoy life and have lots of fun!
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10 Responses to Simple things – feeding the ducks

  1. You are so right about the simple things. Kids can help us remember that in life, if we let them. And, yay, over 40 and mom to one! That’s me too!!

  2. There are no ducks round here. It’s shocking. They just don’t seem to be popular in Manchester….and you’d think it had the perfect weather…. 😉

  3. My toddlers love feeding the ducks. My daughter used to think the bread was for her to begin with, but she now knows to throw little pieces for the ducks and is very enthusiastic about it xx #PoCoLo

  4. Ah we love going to feed the ducks. I have to make sure I get new bread though as I think my little one eats more of the bread than the ducks!! Popping over from #PoCoLo. Off to read some more of your blog xxxx

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