Game Review – Post Box Game – Orchard Toys

We were very excited to open our latest box from Orchard Toys for the Izziwizzi Kids #Playfest reviews. review of Post Box Game by Orchard Toys with Izziwizzi Kids #playfest review of Post Box Game by Orchard Toys with Izziwizzi Kids #playfest

Wow – Post Box Game, a newly launched game for 1-4 players, aged 2 years+, Monkey is just over 3 years.

Monkey loved the look of this straight away as we are always posting letters to Granny in Spain.  The postboxes were easy to assemble and Monkey got straight down to posting the coloured envelopes into the correct coloured postbox. He was having lots of fun as soon as he opened the box.

Here’s our vlog post …….

To recap ……..

There are a number of different play options depending on the number of players, although, as always Monkey made up his own rules 🙂

I can see this game keeping his interest for some time ahead, he can play it by himself or with friends and family. It helps with recognising colours and hand eye coordination when you post the envelopes.  Each coloured envelope has an animal on it so this can be a game in itself, and as Monkey learns to read he will be able to tell me who the envelope is for and where they live.

What I really like about the game is that you can use it out of context in a wider imaginary play scenario.  For example, I can see the postboxes being added to railway play and the envelopes going off on the train to be delivered by Postman Teddy. It really is more than just a game, and it’s lots of FUN 🙂 Can you imagine what will be posted through the letterboxes when it’s coming up to Monkey’s birthday and Christmas???

It’s an Orchard Toys game so as you’d expect it’s a good, quality product with bright, charming graphics.  The game is easily stored away and takes minimal effort to assemble.

Post Box Game currently retails at £9.50 (2013) which I personally think is good value for money for a game offering a lot of play opportunities, to both boys and girls.

We were sent this game for the purpose of review, but remain honest in our opinions

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5 Responses to Game Review – Post Box Game – Orchard Toys

  1. fabfortymum says:

    This looks really good, I think our eldest who is nearly 3 would enjoy it, she’s quite into posting letters at the minute.

  2. Lovely review, thanks so much. It’s a shame that your voice over is not very loud, I had trouble hearing it!

    • I’m sorry about the sound, it was my first ‘voiceover’ and sounds fine this end. But have had other comments from Playfest team. Will try to re-do this week, as was up against time to finish the On the Farm review too 🙂

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