Scared of spiders? Not us, we’ve got an Entomologist in the family :)

When you’re a child you don’t really appreciate how your parents’ interests can impact on your life. I haven’t got my Mum’s green fingers and I’ve no interest in being a football referee like Dad but I have taken a few things onboard.

I have learnt so many things from my Dad, he has the patience of a saint, is very methodical and has two very different passions (not including my Mum, but let’s not go there!!) He has always loved Motor Sport and my brother and I, have much to thank him for on that score, as will our children.  I’ll save that topic for a different post, but my love of Ferrari and all things Formula One stems from my Dad.

My Dad’s other passion is Entomology. He loves insects; ANY insect.  He’s been a member of the Amateur Entomologists’ Society for longer than I’ve been alive, and still keeps them updated on his ‘finds’ in Spain.  My brother and I spent our childhood attached to butterfly nets trying desperately to catch something, anything, and to emulate our Dad.  Give him a butterfly net and he is a sight to behold – he won’t miss, EVER.  We spent most of our childhood living in Surrey, near the Hampshire border, and many weekend’s were spent running up and down the towpath along the Basingstoke canal chasing butterflies or dragonflies.

I didn’t always appreciate this lifestyle, I’m certainly not an ‘out in all weathers’ kind of person, so am sure I did my fair share of moaning in the rain as we looked for some beetle or other.  But now, I really do appreciate what Dad gave us; an interest in the world around us and the little creatures that could be found everywhere.

Monkey and his Gramps catchingf butterflies in Spain Nov 2012

Monkey and his Gramps catching butterflies in Spain Nov 2012

Monkey already seems to be fascinated by butterflies, much to Gramps’s amusement when we visited him in Spain last November.  Monkey has enjoyed further butterfly adventures during recent visits to the Butterfly House at Blenheim Palace and Butterfly World at Studley Grange.

Butterflies at Blenheim Palace and Studley Grange

Butterflies at Blenheim Palace and Studley Grange

Now Monkey is learning all about Mini Beasts at Pre-school, I wish Dad wasn’t living in Spain so he could entertain all the kids with his encyclopedic knowledge 😦

Anyway, second best was to send Monkey to Pre-school today with my insect collection which Dad framed for me a million years ago, and which now hangs in Monkey’s bedroom.  It’s full of butterflies, moths, beetles and bee’s that I caught as a child, or collected at exhibitions.  Monkey loves it, as do I.  I hope his friends liked looking at Monkey’s ‘show and tell’ this morning.

Monkey and our Mini Beasts collection

Monkey and our Mini Beasts collection

So are we scared of spiders?? No, I grew up surrounded by various species of Stick Insects, so a pesky spider isn’t going to scare me or my Monkey 🙂

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I'm an over 50 mum to one, sharing my adventures with my 11 year old son
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26 Responses to Scared of spiders? Not us, we’ve got an Entomologist in the family :)

  1. Clare says:

    That is a wonderful connection to have with your little boy and your Dad. What an amazing show and tell too. Lovely blog. P.S. Found you via the PoCoLo link.

  2. Mrs Fox says:

    Wow, beautiful insect collection there for Little Monkey. There are some great docs in BBC 4’s Alien Nation Season – amazing super-close up filming of insects (available on iplayer). I’ve been showing them to my ‘Little Foxes’ (ages 4 & 7, so a bit older than Monkey) loved them.

    Also found you via PoCoLo ; )

  3. oh wow what a beautiful collection, the photos are lovely xx

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    what a fantastic past time! I can tolerate spiders but to be fair i am not keen on insects x

  5. mummyoftwo2 says:

    What a lovely post, I really wish I wasn’t scared of creepy crawlies but I am and I’m passing it onto my kids which I really didn’t want to do!

  6. Kate says:

    Wow! I bet he was the envy of all the little boys at show and tell! Funnily enough I used to have stick insects as a child, but I’m not so keen on spiders. Butterflies though, amaze me. Found you via the PoCoLo link!

    a href=””>Just Pirouette and Carry On…

    • I think they were all fascinated, and it just went so well with the term’s theme too. I could watch butterflies for hours (well, in a parallel universe where I actually had a free minute!). Thanks for the visit, glad PoCoLo helped you find me. I’ll come over and visit you too 🙂

  7. How brilliant is this! I love the butterfly display :). I’m not scared of spiders, but I do have a problem with aquariums although I was very proud of myself to have actually braved one for Grace’s sake and not show her my fear. Thank you for linking up with #PoCoLo x

    • Thank you. I have a phobia of water (don’t ask!) and am trying to overcome that with Monkey and swimming lessons – the things we do for our children 🙂 Have thoroughly enjoyed #PoCoLo (my first Linky) and introduced me to some lovely blog – so pat on the back for you x

  8. Lovely post. I know what it’s like to have grandparents in a different country – it can be sad at times but lovely when children and grandparents get full on quality time together x

  9. Although your parents live in another country Monkey is benefiting from your Dad’s passion for insects through you! Your collection is very impressive and I’m sure Monkey was the envy of many of his classmates that day. Thanks for linking your lovely post to Country Kids.

  10. that collection is amazing! I love Butterflies. It feels like we don’t see all the same kinds of insects and creatures that used to be so common place when we were little. I used to see loads of peacock and red admiral butterflies in my Grandparents garden when I was little, I hope my kids get to see all the same stuff as they grow up.

    • Too true, I’m pretty sure that you can’t find a couple in our collection anymore. Dad got really upset when he visited his childhood butterfly hunting ground a few years ago, the heathlands had been cleared and he found NO butteries of any variety, very sad.

  11. What an impressive collection and what fantastic knowledge to pass on to your son. I bet his class loved seeing them 🙂

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