Toy Review – Vtech Lex the T-Rex Switch and Go Dinos

I’ve decided that I’d look through Monkey’s birthday and Christmas presents from 2012 and see what is still in favour 3 months down the line!

Having seen some good write up’s on the Vtech Switch & Go Dinos range we suggested that one of our relations buy Monkey the Lex the T-Rex for his 3rd birthday last year.  He didn’t have any kind of interactive or transformer style of toy, so I thought it would make a good ‘first’.

It was an instant hit with both of us!

Lex the T-Rex

Lex is made of thick durable plastic (a manufacturer that gets what a 3 year needs!! 🙂 ), so ideal for younger children to manipulate easily and without parents worrying about breakages!  Lex can be transformed, easily from a Racing Car into a T-Rex, so great for keeping kids interested.  He comes with an interactive built-in screen, so you can select different faces and learn lots of interesting Dino facts, he also makes some great noises. The packaging gives you a good idea of what he can do and he comes with good, clear instructions.

The sound level can be adjusted, which I always find a useful option.  Lex will automatically switch off if his button’s aren’t pressed for a while; thus saving the battery life.  He uses 2 x AAA batteries.

As I said, Lex has been our first venture into this kind of toy and my son has certainly enjoyed playing with it, and changing it from a Dinosaur to a car and different configurations between.  He hasn’t got bored with it, which was a concern and it looks as good 3 months down the line as it did the day he received it – how often can you say that these days?

He also comes with a T-Rex Fact card on the packaging which you can cut out and keep; so there is an educational twist too.  As Lex is part of a range you can build your collection.  Monkey has really started to get interested with the whole idea of dinosaurs since having Lex, and Mummy is now busily reading up on them!  I can remember my younger brother being a dinosaur fan, but they passed me by, so I have lots of revision to do 🙂

Vtech advise that Lex the T-Rex is suitable from 3 years + and I would agree with that classification.  I think it’s well worth the £15.99 price tag and I would, and have, recommended it to others.  He has definately lived up to our expectations.

Disclaimer: The toy mentioned was a present and the opinions expressed are my own, honest thoughts.


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8 Responses to Toy Review – Vtech Lex the T-Rex Switch and Go Dinos

  1. mummyoftwo2 says:

    That looks great – not seen them before 🙂

  2. mummyoftwo2 says:

    That looks great, not seen them before 🙂

  3. this is really cool! surprised i haven’t seen this before, i’m gonna think of getting this for my boys if i see it around, especially think my 3 yr old would enjoy this too

  4. He is fab, I have a sneaky play myself when Monkey’s not looking. Even better now he’s starting to show an interest in real dinosaurs too.

  5. That is really cool. Like you I love toys that will withstand a 3 year old!

    • I have to say that I think this is a major feature of this toy! My son should be a toy destruction tester!! I’m always finding flimsy bits of plastic that have ‘fallen’ off toys.

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