Goodbye little red car – beep beep

We said goodbye to Monkey’s first sit on car last week.  I got rather emotional 😦

When he was Christened at 6 months, we were given some Mothercare vouchers and decided to buy him a sit on car.  We found an excellent one, it started as a rocker and as he grew you could add/remove parts until he was old enough to not need straps or safety bars.  Sadly, they don’t appear to sell it anymore; but it now seems to be stocked by Argos in a different colour and branded as Chicco.

I can honestly say that it really was money well spent.  I don’t think a day passed in two and a half years when that car wasn’t used.  He absolutely loved it from the moment we unpacked it, and if he wasn’t on the tall side for a 3-year-old, we’d still have it now.  Although it was well used, it was in pretty amazing condition when we said goodbye.

I got used to being run over, our geriatric cats put up with being chased by him on it and our new kitten thought it was great to try to hitch a ride.  I’ve watched my baby turn into a little boy on that car and am rather sad that he has outgrown it.

I take hundreds of photographs of Monkey; I love taking photos anyway, but as his grandparents live in Spain I’ve had an extra reason to record his every move.  So, I thought I’d look through all my photos from his as a six month old right through to a 3-year-old and show his ‘journey be car’…….

freddie's car

Monkey’s little red car has now gone to a new home and a lucky little girl will be unwrapping it for her birthday shortly.  I hope that she and her family love it as much as we did.  Goodbye little red car x


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8 Responses to Goodbye little red car – beep beep

  1. mummyoftwo2 says:

    So sad when you have to part with these things isn’t it, I still have lots of Little Mr A’s things cluttering up the loft and garage that I just can’t bear to part with! Lovely photos though, so wonderful to see how he has grown!

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww we had one similar and Joshua loved it! .. our babies are growing up so quickly.

    Thanks for linking up this lovely post with #magicmoments x

  3. Kind of sad to see them outgrow things.

  4. Oh bless! I am dreading the moment that I finally have to admit we need to start editing down much loved toys. They grow up too fast – the kids that is, not the toys… !

    • I know, it took me ages to let that car go, but as his birthday and Christmas were only a few weeks apart and he had so many new toys, it was time to let it go. There are a few smaller things that I just can’t let go, but he now has a big digger for the garden that lives in the garage rather than the living room – so much better all round 🙂

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