Light at the end of the tunnel

After a rather unsettled start to the evening/night, Monkey finally slept through and seems to be far more like his old self today – yippee!! Back to being Fireman Sam with his Pintoy Fire Engine and putting fires out all over the Living Room 🙂 One of his NCT buddies popped over this morning; she has chickenpox too, her twin brother was at pre-school having escaped for the moment at least.

Trying to teach Monkey the concept of sharing is not going so well. Seems to be a constant battle. I’d been busy first thing building a train track for him and his friend. There were 4 train engines so you would think he would share at least one with his friend – but no! So we decided to play with,default,pd.html#q=robot%20game This was more of a success and kept them both amused for a while. It’s a race against the clock to make a robot up to a matching design card. If you don’t build it quickly enough the robot will ‘rock’ and fall apart.

Then we had a fruit snack time. The kids then decided it was time for puzzles and a bit of quiet play. We started with We took turns in finding the next letter in the alphabet to make our puzzle up. Considering they are both just 3 they did really well. No surprises for guessing that Monkey’s favourite letter is F for Fireman!!

Monkey’s buddy has gone home for her lunch and we’re invading, I mean, visiting her house this afternoon for more fun and games, and to compare pox spots!

Finally for the moment at least, we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed. We discovered this on Facebook We would love to be secret play patrol agents for Big Jig Toys so will be walking in front of a lot pf black cats, avoiding walking under ladders etc and looking for pennies to pick up!!

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I'm over 40 with an 8 year old son.J oin us as we enjoy life and have lots of fun!
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